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The Beaches

Your favourite band’s favourite band. One of Elton John’s favourite bands too, no lie. From selling out Toronto's “Bud Stage” three months in advance (16,000 cap), to winning not one but two Juno's in 2024  (Group Of The Year & Rock Album of the Year), to eight (yes, eight) #1’s at Alternative radio, the Beaches show no signs of slowing down. They’re a party on and off stage and it’s a party you wanna be at.


Nothing cuts through the noise like authenticity. And no one is more unapologetically themselves than Venbee. Penning songs via freestyling (and then memorizing them after the fact), music is the reason Venbee is still alive and the songs she’s created have managed to carve out a unique sound in a massively saturated market. Thanks to that unique sound, her second single EVER "Messy In Heaven", is double platinum in the UK, and was nominated for "Song Of The Year" at the 2024 Brits.

Alex Porat

Deliciously delicate vocals with cuttingly honest lyrics, Alex is the sweetest heartbreaker you’ll ever meet. A million Youtube subscribers prove she’s internet pop at it’s finest, undoubtedly ready to transcend. She’s the soundtrack to your 20’s, telling you all her secrets cuz you’re best friends. By the way; MTV, Elle Canada, Wonderland, Complex, Billboard and many more have been listening to your bestie on repeat.

Connor Seidel

Authenticity is the key word that best describes what Connor brings out in the artists he works with. He’s a prolific producer, multi instrumentalist, and skilled topliner in the room who draws inspiration from a rich tapestry of influences. Connor shines across multiple genres because, for him, it’s all about *the song*. Some of his recent works include Half Moon Run's "Salt", Charlotte Cardin's "Phoenix" (Juno Pop Album of the Year, 2022), Katie Tupper's "Where To Find Me" (Juno Nominated, 2024), and more.
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